Whaleboat regatta concludes with Azorean wins

In rowing, all the Azorean boats finished before their Yankee counterparts. In the sailing competition, a Yankee boat representing the New Bedford Whaling Museum was able to sneak between two Azorean boats to come in second.

The results of the races can partially be attributed to the crucial differences between the two whaleboats, according to their crews. Azorean whaleboats are 39 feet long, and are rowed by six people. Yankee boats are 10 feet shorter, but one less person rows them. So while the boats are a little lighter, they have less power, said Sara da Silva Quintal, who is the skipper of the United States women’s rowing team.

That gives the Azorean boats the advantage during a rowing contest, as was apparent Sunday when the Azorean boats triumphed.

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